Our Solution

Maternal aRMOR is a wearable device that healthcare providers use to detect early hemorrhage in pregnant patients.

Maternal aRMOR

Maternal aRMOR is a wrist-worn sensor that provides objective, real-time insights into a patient’s hemorrhage risk. Maternal aRMOR's patented technology enables equitable, low-cost, early hemorrhage detection and treatment monitoring - even when blood loss is internal.

The key to Maternal aRMOR’s breakthrough technology lies in its ability to capture the subtle nuances of peripheral blood flow — independent of skin pigmentation — and the telltale signs of early hemorrhage as the body instinctively redirects blood to protect vital organs. Our wearable tirelessly monitors these intricate shifts, providing real-time and quantitative insights to healthcare providers.

Safeguard Maternal Health

We are the trusted experts equipping health systems with the technology to safeguard maternal health by:

  • Reducing avoidable deaths and complications due to hemorrhage by up to 90%

  • Achieving ~3x reduction in 30-day readmission rate

  • Improving on maternal & health-equity quality measures

  • Streamlining & automating clinical workflows

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