Get to know us

Founded in June 2022, Armor Medical Inc. emerged from the shared frustration of women engineers with the stagnant state of women's health innovation. Driven by the need for change, we decided to be the catalysts for a healthcare revolution. We are currently bringing to market the first commercial product to address the urgent demand for an objective, real-time early warning system for obstetric hemorrhage. This innovative solution is the first in a pipeline of technologies that protect and empower women's health.

Our mission

We're on a mission to pioneer solutions that protect and empower women’s health at every stage of life. We combine rigorous research and empathetic, person-centered design to innovate better health for all.

Our vision

We aim to create and deliver innovative devices that revolutionize women's health. That's why we focus on solving the problems that affect the health of millions of women, globally.

Our team

We are a female-founded and female-led medical device company that dares to innovate better health for all. Our talented, multidisciplinary team has deep expertise in biomedical engineering and women's health as well as software, product, and business development.

Kelsey Mayo, PhD

Co-Founder / CEO

Christine O'Brien, PhD

Co-Founder / CSO

Leo Shmuylovich, MD PhD

Co-Founder / CTO