Armor Medical Inc.

Est. 2022

Kelsey Mayo,


I am the Chief Executive Officer of Armor Medical Inc., and I am a multidisciplinary scientist with over 15 years of precision medicine research experience. My career has spanned development of biosensors and advanced therapeutics through development of a platform for big data management and analysis. In my role as a founding member of the Data and Research Center for the NIH All of Us Research Program, I oversaw the successful creation and growth of the organization responsible for collecting data (including wearable data, electronic health record data, survey data, and genomic data) from >500,000 participants and making it available on a secure cloud-based analytics platform. Importantly, I have helped to build one of the largest, most diverse biomedical research databases in the world with ~80% of participants being from communities historically underrepresented in biomedical research with ~50% identifying as a racial / ethnic minority group.

I have a track record of successful biomedical software development and personally oversaw three national product launches over the last three years. Most recently, as the manager of All of Us’ scientific product portfolio, I was responsible for the development and May 2020 launch of the All of Us Researcher Workbench. As of July 2022, more than 2,700 registered users from >385 institutions across the US are actively conducting research projects within the Researcher Workbench. Many of these projects are leveraging All of Us data to help address health disparities in the US.

I am experienced in growing and leading cross-functional teams. Over the past 6 years, I helped to grow the Data and Research Center from a team of <10 to a team of >200 and have experience supervising cross-functional teams of PhD- and Masters-prepared scientists, software engineers, product managers, project managers, analysts, user experience researchers, and research project coordinators. I have specialized in the creation of teams that bridge the worlds of science and product, working closely with scientists and clinicians to create solutions that advance precision medicine.

I am passionate about precision medicine and translational science. My doctoral dissertation focused on the creation of a nanoparticle delivery system for gene therapeutics. In the course of this work, I became aware of the challenges facing the translation of biomedical research to the patient bedside. I therefore spent the last 6 years creating a massive biomedical database as a resource to accelerate precision medicine research – in a manner intentionally inclusive of historically marginalized communities. In my role as PI on this project, I plan to leverage my expertise in precision medicine to help address the unacceptable state of maternal health, both globally and here in the US.

Armor Medical Inc.

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