Armor Medical Selected to MATTER's 51 Labs Cohort

MATTER announces second 51 Labs cohort - Armor Medical, one of ten selected startups


Armor Medical Inc.

3/22/20242 min read

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Source: MATTER | 12 Mar, 2024

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Armor Medical: Proud Member of 51 Labs Cohort

At Armor Medical, we are deeply committed to improving maternal health and reducing maternal mortality rates. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge medical technologies and solutions that address the unique challenges faced by expectant mothers, both during and after pregnancy.

As a proud member of the 51 Labs cohort, we are excited to collaborate with like-minded startups and industry leaders to drive innovation in maternal healthcare. By leveraging our expertise and the resources provided by Matter and its partners, we are confident that we can make a tangible difference in the lives of mothers and their babies.

Through our participation in the 51 Labs accelerator, we will have the opportunity to refine and scale our solutions, ensuring that they are accessible to all women across the United States. We believe that by working together, we can create a future where maternal mortality is a thing of the past.

We extend our gratitude to Matter and its partners for recognizing the importance of addressing the maternal mortality crisis and for providing us with this invaluable opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Together, we will strive to build a safer and healthier future for mothers and their children.

MATTER announces second 51 Labs cohort

Ten startups selected to participate in accelerator addressing the maternal mortality crisis in the U.S.

March 12, 2024, CHICAGO — MATTER, the premier healthcare incubator and innovation hub, alongside Health Care Service Corporation, Laerdal Million Lives Fund, BayCare, Parkview Health, University of Chicago Medicine, Organon and Stryker has selected 10 startups for the second cohort of 51 Labs focused on preventing maternal mortality in the U.S. before, during and after birth.

Last year, MATTER launched the second iteration of the 51 Labs accelerator along with dedicated partners spanning industry, academia and health systems. From a pool of 70 applicants representing 21 states, a review panel of subject matter experts and industry leaders selected the cohort of 10 cutting-edge startups — Armor Medical, BAKS Medical, BioticsAI, Ciconia Medical, Elythea, Expect Fitness, Malama Health, NUA Surgical, Partum Health and Vasowatch.

The cohort will take part in a virtual, 12-week accelerator featuring one-on-one mentoring with industry experts, workshops, interactive roundtable discussions, forums and more. On May 22, 2024, the program will culminate in a live showcase bolstered by perspectives throughout the women’s health community. Learn more about the final showcase and register to attend here.