Armor Medical Awarded Femtech UX Sponsorship

Guidea, an award-winning UX design agency, awards Armor Medical with its 2024 UX Design Sponsorship.


Armor Medical Inc.

12/15/20232 min read

Adapted from "Femovate Announces 30 New Early-Stage Femtech Startups for Its 2024 UX Design Sponsorship Program"

Source: Femovate by Guidea | 13 Dec, 2023

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AUSTIN, Texas — Guidea, an award-winning UX design agency proudly introduces Armor Medical Inc. as one of the 30 elite early-stage femtech companies selected for its 2024 UX design sponsorship program, Femovate. Launched in 2022, Femovate has already invested over $1 million in femtech innovation, providing startups with design services comparable to those enjoyed by Fortune 100 companies.

The femtech market, valued at $51 billion in 2021 and projected to reach $1 trillion by 2027, stands as a testament to the immense potential within the industry. Despite this, femtech companies receive only 3% of digital health innovation funding, highlighting a significant funding gap. Guidea aims to bridge this disparity through Femovate, offering a transformative boost to selected startups.

"Femtech is the industry that will change the world," affirms Theresa Neil, CEO, and co-founder of Guidea. "We see incredible promise in the startups we're sponsoring while understanding the challenges they face in innovating around generally taboo health topics. Femovate can provide a small but powerful boost for these companies to jump to the forefront of femtech and bring solutions to millions of women globally."

Among the distinguished 30 startups, Armor Medical Inc, a company committed to revolutionizing women's health, has been recognized for its innovative contributions to the femtech landscape. The 2024 Femovate program received a staggering 130 applications from across six continents, showcasing the global interest and need for support within the femtech community. The selected 30 startups will benefit from the expertise of Guidea's UX design and product strategy professionals who will collaborate closely with them to enhance the efficiency, usability, and accessibility of their products.

Guidea's complimentary services are designed to elevate the credibility of Femovate companies, positioning them favorably for new funding and media opportunities. The support includes researching and testing digital designs, identifying market differentiators, and collaborating with industrial designers and engineering teams to create user-centric products that exceed expectations. Additionally, the program will delve into the patient, provider, and customer journey, ensuring a holistic approach to femtech innovation.

As Guidea continues to champion diversity and innovation, Femovate stands as a testament to the agency's commitment to empowering femtech startups and driving positive change in women's health. Armor Medical Inc.'s inclusion among the selected startups adds further weight to the program's prestige. We eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking solutions that will emerge from the 2024 Femovate program, as Guidea and its sponsored startups work together to shape the future of femtech.