Armor Medical Awarded Femovate '22 UX Sponsorship

Armor Medical honored as one of 30 FemTech startups driving global innovation.

12/6/20225 min read

In September, Guidea reached out to the FemTech community to offer three promising FemTech startups the opportunity to receive sponsored UX research, design, and mentorship services. After a whirlwind month of presentations from over 100 FemTech founders who demonstrated the dire need for innovation in women’s health, the team decided to expand their impact and selected 30, instead of the planned 3, startups for the Femovate program.

Whether a FemTech startup is building a direct-to-customer product or attempting to integrate new technology into healthcare workflows, their user experience is paramount to success. However, the costs of UX strategy and design, coupled with the struggle to find experts in health-related technology can often prove to be a major barrier to launch or growth.

Theresa Neil, founder and CEO of Guidea, created the Femovate program to help FemTech teams navigate this crucial stage of development. With product and design strategy expertise from launching over 300 digital solutions, the Guidea team provides unique insight and custom strategies at low or no cost to the startups selected for Femovate — and sets them on the path to success.

Guidea is known for creating research-driven products and services that meet users’ needs, are engaging, and can easily be adopted. Every solution is unique, so the UX designers begin each project by mapping the ecosystem of users and the customer journey. This exploration guides the founding teams to prioritize opportunities and focus on the key features for clinical studies or MVPs. It also helps teams design solutions that are easily integrated into patients’ or customers’ lives and care providers’ workflows.

Additionally, drawing on their deep knowledge of MedTech, IoT, wearables, population health insights, digital therapeutics, and healthcare software, the team can help founding teams understand and plan for regulated product approval processes, testing, and identification of necessary qualifications for developers.

The goal of the Femovate program is to accelerate the growth of FemTech but Neil hopes other service providers will be inspired to create their own opportunities for FemTech companies that will help build momentum and finally close the gap in research, investment, and innovation for women’s health.

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Now let’s take a deeper look at the innovations we awarded sponsored UX design services to this year:

Guidea Selects 30 FemTech Startups for UX Design Sponsorship Program, Femovate — a $500k investment in Female Health Innovation

Source: Femtech Insider | November 30, 2022

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Breast Health

DeepLook Medical

DeepLook Medical is revolutionizing radiology for cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment, with their FDA-approved, patent-protected software. The shape recognition software accurately measures, segments, and displays the density of soft tumor masses in Mammograms, Ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI images — with just one click.

Location: United States


Armor Medical Inc

Armor Medical Inc is developing technology to combat postpartum hemorrhage, one of the leading causes of preventable maternal death worldwide.

Location: United States

Chronic Conditions


Hashiona offers personalized nutrition plans and symptom tracking for the management of Hashimoto’s disease.

Location: Poland

AIMA Laboratories

AIMA Laboratories is developing an at-home screening test that will shorten the path to diagnosis and treatment for endometriosis.

Location: Canada

Lasa Health

Lasa Health is a digital companion for people with endometriosis, providing care navigation and evidence-based patient education.

Location: United States

Data and Insights

Dragonfly Data Ventures

Dragonfly Data Ventures encourages its users to better understand and benefit from their unique data.

Location: United States

FemHealth Insights

FemHealth Insights aims to alter the face of FemTech by providing a comprehensive data platform that encompasses everything there is to know about the FemTech market.

Location: United States


ELANZA Wellness

ELANZA is a personalized wellness platform, offering resources and support to reduce stress without the use of therapy or medication.

Location: United States

EmGenysis, Inc

EmGenysis employs AI-driven video analysis to determine the viability of an embryo, boosting the likelihood of a successful implantation.

Location: United States


Fertilitae increases accessibility to fertility wellness through automated assessments, personalized plans, care, and education on a mobile app.

Location: England

Embie Clinic Ltd

Embie empowers those undergoing IVF and IUI treatments to manage their fertility journey with personalized tracking, insights, and community support.

Location: Israel

Mindful IVF

Mindful IVF leverages extensive fertility expertise and the science of meditation to foster a healthier, happier IVF journey.

Location: Ireland

General Health

Betty’s Co

Betty’s Co. is the next generation of care for Gen-Z – normalizing, destigmatizing, and depoliticizing womxn’s healthcare through integrative gynecology, mental health, and wellness care.

Location: United States


Chava is the first comprehensive platform providing access to sexual and reproductive health education, community, and care for young women in Latin America.

Location: Nicaragua


HopStair provides confidence coaching via an app to help its users build their core foundation, unlock their full potential, and achieve their goals.

Location: England

Hormone Health

Eli Health

Eli is the women’s health company providing at-home insights in real-time, and over a lifetime, from hormones in saliva.

Location: Canada


truliWELL is a digital health platform that empowers women of color to be their own best “healthcare providers” through at-home testing, a personalized plan, in-app tracking, and asynchronous coaching — all grounded in functional medicine health coaching principles.

Location: United States

Maternal Health

EXO Technologies

EXO is battling disparities in women’s health research and treatment while enhancing the standard of care for maternal health.

Location: United States


Momsanity aims to provide support for mothers suffering from Postpartum Depression.

Location: Austria and Bulgaria

Avira Health

Avira Health develops technology to uplift the mother-infant dyad during the life-changing transition into motherhood and beyond.

Location: United States


Elektra Health

Elektra‘s comprehensive digital health platform helps women navigate the 10-year menopause transition. It offers virtual support from a dedicated “Elektra Guide” (i.e., menopause doula), on-demand and evidence-based education built by board-certified doctors, and a private, moderated community.

Location: United States


NuroKor FemTech

NuroKor FemTech is developing bioelectronic wearable solutions for underserved conditions affecting female health on a global scale.

Location: England


Essence helps women thrive at work and in life by offering evidence-based nutrition and exercise tips, productivity tools, and self-care resources based on the menstrual cycle.

Location: Germany

Salad | Wellness for Women

Salad is creating a lifestyle management platform that works in harmony with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Location: India

Pelvic Floor Health

Hyivy Health

Hyivy Health provides data-driven medical devices that facilitate the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

Location: Canada

Cosm Medical

Cosm Medical is developing a digital gynecology platform to create custom-made, gynecological prosthetics for pelvic floor disorders and beyond.

Location: Canada

Elana Health

Elana Health aims to transform the conversation around pelvic care, offering an abundance of resources and educational materials.

Location: United States

Reproductive Health

Pera Labs

Pera Labs takes a holistic approach to building healthy tomorrows by providing affordable and efficient fertility solutions for both men and women.

Location: United States

Sexual Wellness


Organa is dedicated to promoting women’s sexual wellness, harnessing the power of AI to enhance sexual knowledge and pleasure.

Location: Israel

Uterine Health Innovation

Nesa Medtech

Nesa Medtech pioneers a novel scarless solution to treat uterine fibroids.

Location: India